Is there any evidence to show that Saddam Hussein's intelligence service has had liaisons with, or supplied logistical help, to known terrorists involved in bombing attacks on American targets prior to the 9-11 plot?


Yes. There are at least three cases prior to the 9-11 conspiracy.

1) Radio Free Europe. In 1998, Iraq plotted to blow up Radio Free Europe in Prague, a prime US target in the Czech Republic.  Jabir Salim, the consul and second secretary at the Iraq embassy in Prague, was the Iraq intelligence officer Saddam Hussein had entrusted with the mission and $150,000 to recruit terrorists who would not be traceable back to Iraq.

     This plot was aborted in December 1998 when Salim defected in Prague,revealing details of the plot to the CIA, British MI-6 and Czech intelligence,.

    Czech counterintelligence also developed evidence that Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani, the official who Saddam dispatched to Prague replace Salim,  had continued the efforts to attack this American target.

2) President George Bush. On April 14, 1993, Iraq plotted to assassinate former President George Bush while he was visiting Kuwait. The assassins were Ra'ad al-Asadi and Wali al-Ghazali, two Iraqi nationals, who had been supplied with a sophisticated car bomb. They were captured in Kuwait City and, when interrogated by the FBI, they admitted that they had been recruited by the Iraqi intelligence Service in Basra, Iraq, who provided them with the explosive device four days before Bush arrived in Kuwait.

The CIA concluded with "confidence" that the Iraqi government, at the highest levels, had authorized the recruitment of the assassins.

3) Saddam gave sanctuary to Abdul Rahman Yasin, the only indicted conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center to get away.  After helping to  mix the explosives, Yasin fled to Baghdad.  He remains at large presumably in Iraq.