Who's Who At The Polonium Party

Andrei Lugovoy

Andrei Lugovoy was born in Azerbaijan in 1966.  He joined the KGB at the age of 21. During the Yeltsen administration, he worked at the Kremlin's personal security unit, where he, like Litvinenko, protected Berezovsky. As his bodyguard, he accompanied Berezovsky on his travels to Chechnya. In 1996, he moved from the FSB to head security at Berezovsky’s television fiefdom, ORT, . After Berezovsky fled Russia in 2000, he Berezovsky involved him in the so-called Aeroflot Affair. In an attempt to get evidence against Berezovsky, Russian police arrested Nikolai Glushkov, his partner at Aeroflot. Lugovoy was given the task of breaking Glushkov out of prison. When the escape attempt failed, Lugovoy was put in Prison for 14 months. He then set up Pershin, which, among other businesses, provided security services to multimillionaires. In 2006, after attending Berezovsky’s party, he entered into a business joint venture with Litvinenko. The collaboration lasted until November 2006. After Litvinenko’s death, he, as well as his wife and children, tested positive for Polonium 210. In June 2007, a British prosecutor requested his extradition, but the request was turned down.  He is currently running for the Russian Duma.

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