Who's Who At The Polonium Party

Akhmed Zakayev

Akhmed Zakayev was born April 1956 in Kazakhstan. He first achieved stardom as an actor at the Grozny theater. In 1990, after Chechnya seceded from Russia, he was appointed its Minister of Culture. After Russia re-invaded Chechnya, Zakayev first fought with the rebels and then went into exile in Denmark, where he was arrested on a Russian warrant. He then went to Britain, where he received political asylum. He met Litvinenko in London in the Spring of 2002. In his deposition, he said “we kept in constant contact and cooperated together. I was also the representative of the government commission for the investigation of war crimes committed on the territory of Chechnya by the Russian occupying troops. And Alexander Litvinenko was inducted by me into that commission... With the help of Alexander Litvinenko we identified the people directly in charge of the operations in the Chechen Republic.” On November 1st, just before his lunch with Scaramella. Litvinenko called Zakayev, and arranged for him to pick him later that afternoon at Boris Berezovsky's Mayfair office. Zakayev then drove him home.

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