Missing Pieces:

1) Flight 587:

The cause of the plane flying apart has been determined. No results of tests for explosives disclosed. The PET test could reveal if any explosive trace accounted for the tail separating from the plane.

Status: Under NTSB review

2) Flight 93:

Voice recorder recording, Flight 93. Although never made public, it would presumably reveal what the Arab hijackers discussed during last half-hour of the fatal flight that crashed outside Pittsburgh.

Status: The NTSB Investigation has been cancelled.

3) Chilean Anthrax:

The CDC has not disclosed the strain of of 5 colonies of anthrax bacteria found in letter to Dr. Antonio Banfi in Santiago, Chile. It could reveal whether there are more than one attackers.

Status: Under CDC Review

4) Bin Laden Video Tape #2, November 2001, made for Al-Jazeera television:

The video made in November was not played on television. It was widely circulated and cited by British prime minister Tony Blair.

5) The Ryazan Test:

An apparent bomb was found on September 22rd, 1999 in an apartment building on New Settler's Street in Ryazan, Russia. Although the police initially reported that it was the work of Chechen terrorists, and preliminary police lab tests showed the presence of explosives in the device that were similar to the five other bombs blamed on Chechen terrorists, the Ryazan police found that the car used in planting the device traced back to the the Russian Intelligence Service, FSB. Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the FSB, then announced that the incident in Ryazan had been nothing more than a "training exercise" staged by the FSB to test local vigilance and the bomb contained only harmless sugar. But the chemical analysis was never released.

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