Who, if anyone, knew that Lee Harvey Oswald was an assassin prior to November 22,1963?


On April 10, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to assassinate General Edwin Walker, a right- wing leader in Dallas with a high-powered rifle, after aborting a previous attempt on April 5th. The evidence of this assassination attempt includes the testimony of his wife, Marina Oswald,, a note in his handwriting Russian describing what Marina should do, after the Walker shooting, if he were arrested, killed or had to go into hiding, photographs of Walker's house from the sniper's position taken by Oswald's camera and pasted into Oswald's scrapbook, and a Neutron Activation test that showed that the metallic elements found in the bullet that was recovered in Walker's home matched the ammunition used in Oswald's rifle in the assassination of Kennedy (This technology for this test, done in 1977, did not exist in 1963). Oswald had told a number of people he knew that someone should shoot Walker a month prior to the shooting, and, on April 5th, when he made his first attempt, he had Marina take a photograph of him dressed in black, armed to kill with a rifle and telescopic sight, and holding in his hand the radical newspaper, The Militant. Those who reportedly knew that he was a self-styled assassin include:

1) Marina Oswald. She testified to the Warren Commission that when Oswald returned on the evening of April 10th, he explained to her that he had just attempted to kill General Edwin Walker with his rifle.

2) George De Mohrenschildt. He had seen Oswald's sniper's rifle. He had heard Oswald make rabid threats against Walker the prior month. He had received the photograph which was signed "For George, Lee Harvey Oswald" and dated April 5th, 1963 (Oswald's first attempt on Walker). If he had any doubts why Oswald was holding the rifle in the photo, Marina had scribbled on back in Russian "Hunter of Fascists. Ha. Ha" After he heard on the radio that a sniper had fired a shot at General Walker and, next day, he went over to Oswald's house to find out what had happened to the rifle. According to Marina's testimony, he had rushed up the stairs, and said "Lee, how did you miss General Walker?"

3) Jean De Mohrenschildt. According to Mohrenschildt, he had told his wife in April 1963, when he left Dallas to go to Washington DC.

4) J. Walter Moore, a CIA officer working in the CIA's Domestic Contact Division in Dallas, according to De Mohrenschildt. De Mohrenschildt told me that he had reported the Walker assassination attempt and the telltale "Hunter of Fascists" photograph to Moore. 5)Eusebio Azque, the Cuban counsel in Mexico City. Marina testified that Oswald brought photos of the Walker shooting to Mexico to support his request for a visa to go to Cuba. According to witnesses at the consulate, Oswald showed these photographs to Azque, and became involved in a heated argument with him about his bona fides as a Pro-Castro revolutionary.


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