In response to a letter from Senator Carl Levin concerning the CIA's investigation of Mohammed Atta, CIA Director George Tenet stated:

"We have been able to corroborate only two visits by Atta to the Czech Republic: one in late 1994, when he passed through en route to Syria; the other in June 2000, when, according to detainee reporting, he departed for the United states from Prague because he thought a non-EU member country would be less likely to keep meticulous travel data."

   Did the CIA miss a third trip by Atta to the Czech Republic on May 30,2000. 


   No, according to the CIA, which claims that the "Atta" identified at the Prague airport on May 30,2000 was "a case of mistaken identity," suggesting it may have been a Pakistani traveler with a name "similar" to Atta’s who attempted to enter the Czech Republic "May 30–31, 2000," but was forced to return to Germany.(CIA cable, "report re traveler to Prague," Dec. 8, 2001.)

   Yes, According to Czech officials, who claim Atta flew on Lufthansa Airlines from Hamburg to Ruzyne International Airport visit on May 30, 2000-- a day before the Czech visa he applied for came through.  Atta's face was reportedly recorded on the security CCTV at the passport control, when Atta was directed to the transit area.  Although he spent about 6 hours before he returned to Germany, he reputedly appears on the hidden security cameras for only 6 minutes.  According to Czech intelligence officials, only a person familiar with the blind spots in the security system could have avoided these cameras for such a prolonged period.  So Czech intelligence assumed that Atta, who would not himself have this knowledge, had a meeting with an unknown party on May 30th. 

   Since the 9-11 Commission did not question Czech officials, but relied on the CIA briefing it received, the issue remains unresolved.

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