Who's Who At The Polonium Party

Dmitry Kovtun

Dmitry Kovtun was Born in Moscow in 1966. He graduated from the elite Supreme Soviet Military Command School in Moscow in 1985. He then served in military intelligence in Eastern Europe, posted in Prague and Berlin, in the final days of the Cold War . From 1991 until 2003, he lived in Hamburg, Germany, eventually marrying a German national, Marina Wall, and working as a "consultant". After 12 years in Germany, he returned to Moscow (without his wife) and continued his consulting career in "oil and gas." In 2006, Lugovoy, who had known him since they were in school, suggested he participate in the London "joint venture". After attending meeting in London with Litvinenko on October 16-18th, Kovtun flew to Hamburg to extend his residence permit. It later tested positive for Polonium 210. On October 31st, he flew from Hamburg back to London. The next day, November 1, he met Lugovoy and Litvinenko at the Pine Bar.

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